We facilitate the communication and interaction between markets with diverse and multicultural backgrounds.


To become the main bridge that connects diverse and multicultural markets by providing the highest quality of multimedia services.


We are a young company that has been working behind the scenes until now. We offer a wide array of services in the multimedia field with a broad perspective and understanding of your multiple needs in the world’s diverse and multicultural market.


Being a company that provides multilingual services, we have a perfect understanding of the importance of being able to reach your audience clearly and effectively.


We have experience in more than 30 languages (and growing!).



Miguel Meriles

He is a professional in Media and Communications and a former radio and TV host/producer. He oversees all projects and establishes relationships with clients, partners and vendors.

John Meriles

He is a professional in Media and Communications and a former radio and TV host/producer. He is in charge of our audiovisual department.

Mariela Alurralde

She is very obsessed with design and aesthetics, and she loves creative ideas. She supervises our graphic arts department.

Wendy Meriles

She is a professional voice talent artist, a singer with 2 CD albums under her belt, and a former radio host. She is also our Voice over Talent Coordinator.

Liang Liang

She is a professional photographer and a fantastic salsa dancer. She coordinates Asian Languages and is our Chinese Director.

Neyza Smith

She is a music teacher and a professional singer with 6 CD albums. As a professional soprano she has performed in several operas. She supervises all aspects related to music production.

David Smith

A veteran and a former pilot, he is the wizard when we need to build or make something. We just name it, and he will make it!


After leaving two companies behind, MGS Entertainment in 2003 and Meriles & Smith Productions in 2004, Miguel Meriles (a media professional who had worked in Radio, TV and print media in Latin America since 1987), started General Multimedia.


With a small investment he started to work from his home. Being a professional voice artist himself, his first service was voice over recording for local translation and advertising companies.


After a couple of years, General Multimedia moved to a shared office in a commercial building, it built a professional sound studio, and started offering more services. In 2010 General Multimedia moved to our present location where we have our sound and video studios, do most of our creative work, and sing and dance as we please! In 2014 we became General Multimedia, LLC.


The future? Well, it’s not written yet, but we see our company moving to an even bigger place!



We live in one of the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations in the World. And this situation creates subgroups in our society that sometimes do not communicate efficiently with each other. Language barriers and cultural differences are a big factor in the creation of these gaps.


Do you have material that needs to be adapted for a new market, culture or language?  Look no further. We are the experts!


General Multimedia provides the tools to overcome these obstacles and can help you toward a global marketing communication strategy.


General Multimedia, LLC

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